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Welcome to sahasrasdabbawala lunchbox delivery service catering services Fast Delivery karimnagar, Telangana 

We provide the best lunchbox pick and drop delivery service in Karimnagar! We make sure that your food is fresh and delicious, and that it arrives on time!

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• Delivery fee will be added depending on your location. 

*600₹ – 00 – 03 Km*
*700₹ – 03 – 06 Km*
*900₹ – 06 – 09 km*

 For Inquiries, Contact +91 91215 45679

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Trusted Service

We’re the trusted lunchbox delivery service with 100+ satisfied customers. Get your lunch delivered fresh and delicious, without having to worry about leaving the office or fighting the lunchtime crowds.

Swift Delivery

Looking for a food delivery service that is both professional and swift? Then look no further than Swift Delivery! We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service, and that includes delivering your food quickly and efficiently.

Top Rated

We’re so grateful to our customers for supporting us! In the past few weeks, we’ve top rated and reached more than 1,000 customers inquiries. Thank you for help us grow!


Safety Protocol

It’s always important to follow safety protocol, especially when it comes to lunchbox delivery. We take great care in making sure each and every lunchbox is delivered safely and securely. Thank you for your continued support!

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Are you tired getting up and pack your children's lunch box early in the morning?

Sahasra’s Dabbawala is a unique food delivery service offered for those people who want the food to be hot and fresh. It allows customers to schedule doorstep pickups of the food. The food is then delivered to the required drop location by our delivery executive.


Dabba Service

Our delivery partener pickup your lunchbox from your home and deleverd direct to your doorstep - OFFICE/ SCHOOL/ Other preferred locations..etc

Cloud Kitchen

We Deliver Food From our kitchen to your droopstep- Office/ schools...etc

catering services

Looking for best catering sercice st karimnagar, telangana? Our catering services are sure to impress your guests! From delicious hors d'oeuvres to our signature entrees, we'll make sure your event is one to remember.

What Our Clients Say About sahasrasdabbawala?

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Awesome services by Sahasra’s. We forced bachelors who need to work away from home (Hyderabad or some other places) getting homely lunch at affordable prices with quality, nutritious, balanced meal and on time.
Request Sahasra’s to start dinner services also like chapathi, Curry for employees like us. 

Saikrishna vemuri

sahasrasdabbawala offers you amazing home made food. Made by chefs in their kitchen, sahasrasdabbawala healthy and simple eating habits amongst the youth. The food is delicious, always delivered on time, less oily, less spicy and excellent quantity. Will order from here time and again!

kumari Smith

I'm working as full time employee in mnc company, i use to get my hot lunchbox from my home location to my work location. Thank you for provind best reasonable price  Lunchbox derlivery system. Location - karimnagar 

kirin sai kumar

I would like to rate the packaging as 5 ⭐

The food was tasty as cooked in home. The packaging is also excellent

Venkata Srihari

Our Mission & Vision

We are on a mission to serve healthy home-cooked food and create a pan-India brand for Good Food, Every Day!

Meals on Wheels seeks to be the collaborative leader in Eastern Ontario in the delivery of nutritious and affordable meals to persons in need and facilitate for them a point of contact within the health system.

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This page is Best delivery service 

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Dabba Service

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Pick and Drop

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Mess Food

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Stay home and relax , Our Delivery Partnears are ready to deliver your food

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